Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions

1.Required Documents (For first-time renters only)

– Identification Card /Passport
– Driver’s License
– Credit Card

2.Full Tank of Fuel

– Upon return of the car, it must have a full tank of fuel. If returned not full, fuel cost will be deducted from the deposit.

3.No Smoking Inside the Car

4.Free Insurance - Level 1 for all trips, except in the following cases:

– In the event of an accident and the car is damaged, if the renter is at fault or there is no third party involved, the company will charge an excess fee.

– Excess fee for premium category cars: 3,000 Baht per incident.

– Excess fee for supercar category cars: 10,000 Baht per incident.

5.Tire Damage

– In the case of accidents resulting from potholes or other road conditions that cause damage to the tires or wheels (e.g., tire bursts, wheel damage), the renter is responsible for 100% of the repair or replacement cost.

– If it is determined that the tires or wheels were worn out, the company will bear the entire cost.

6.Mileage Limit

– Premium cars have a mileage limit of 300 km per day.

– Premium Supercars have a mileage limit of 200 km per day. For multi-day rentals, mileage can be accumulated.

7.Booking Cancellation

– To make a reservation, a car queue booking fee of 5,000 Baht is required. If the renter wishes to cancel the reservation, they must do so within 24 hours.

– If canceled in advance, the credit can be used for the next rental or a refund can be requested immediately.

– In the event of cancellation during the driver’s delivery, the company will charge the deposit, and no refund will be possible.

8.Car Delivery/Return

– The driver can wait for up to 1 hour for car delivery or return. If the renter requires the driver to wait for more than 1 hour, an additional fee of 500 Baht will apply.

9.Exceeding Rental Time

– If the renter uses the car for an extra 1-2 hours, an additional service fee will be charged based on the car model.

– If the renter uses the car for more than 6 hours beyond the rental time, a half-day service fee will be charged based on the car model.

10.Refund of Deposit

– After the driver receives the car from the renter and confirms the condition of the car, the company will refund the deposit within 24 hours.

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